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1958. South Vietnam becomes one of the first nations to enroll in the US "Atoms for Peace" program. The 2nd Indo-China War slows development, but the small reactor site continues to be used for research purposes. In 1971 the United States retired the smallest tactical nuclear weapon it had ever fielded. No one ever thought it would ever be used. In 1973, in order to get the South Vietnamese government to sign the Paris Peace Accords, one was promised to them to assure them the US would always support them. Who could guess that in April of 1975, as the North Vietnamese are pounding on the gates of Saigon, that a detachment of US soldiers would discover one had actually been sent, and it was sitting in an abandoned nuclear facility that few people had ever heard of in the path of the NVA? The race to recover the DAVY CROCKETT system was on.

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This site has attracted viewers from around the world. I would never have guessed the popularity of E-books, but it seems there are a lot of people around the world using tablets now. I hope you enjoy the stories and keep coming back for more.
If you're looking for stories loaded with action, based on what's going on in the world today, you've found the right place.  My series of military adventures will take you around the world and put you into places that only soldiers go.
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 I still have several more stories on the back burner right now. A novel about the fall of Saigon is waiting for a bit of polishing, and the memoir of my 21 sometimes contentious years working at New Hampshire State Prison is taking shape in fits and starts. Lots of documents (yes, I saved them) to go through. Stay tuned for updates.

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